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Continually striving for excellence and innovation, Patasol set up a specialized division, Patasol SR&ED, devoted to the research and development of new products which better meet consumer needs.

To consolidate our commitment to innovation, Patasol SR&ED acquired a human resources service, cutting-edge equipment and production sites, including:

  • two experienced agronomists (full-time)
  • field testing sites equipped with research facilities on agricultural land in Quebec;
  • production and packaging facilities that provide top quality products;
  • partnerships with university and private-business affiliates for the purpose of breeding new varieties;
  • private partners involved in seed selection and testing.

Patasol SR&ED has worked to identify new, promising varieties by systematically screening varieties from breeders and implementing a cultivar trial network that enables us to select the best products for our customers.

Patasol SR&ED also plans to conduct research projects aimed at finding solutions for agronomic problems encountered while developing cultivars for new markets.

Over the years, Patasol SR&ED has been able to identify and test exclusive varieties that have been developed into distinct products for niche markets, among other things.