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Michèle Poirier
Vice President, Public
Relations and Partnerships


Martin Poirier

Founded in 1973 in Baie des Chaleurs, Patasol began its operations growing, packaging and distributing potatoes. Founders Martin and Michèle Poirier have always striven to offer top quality products.

In recent years, Patasol has seen incredible growth by expanding geographically (United States and Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon) and broadening its product offering (new kinds of potatoes, deli meats, meats, onions and carrots).

Building on core principles of operational excellence and close customer relationships, Patasol’s business strategy aims to continue breaking ground and expanding the company’s reach in Canada and abroad. Efforts over the last few years show Patasol’s commitment to becoming an industry leader in Canada. These include the modernization of production equipment, e.g., the installation of an ultra modern packaging line in Joliette in 2012. The company’s research and development division is also now up and running, led by a biologist-agronomist.

With Steve Poirier as the new head of Patasol, the company will continue to strive for excellence, with a focus on offering the best products and providing customer satisfaction.

Our mission

At Patasol, our mission is to produce, package and distribute top quality potatoes and vegetables at competitive prices for customers in Canada and abroad, while generating value for our employees and shareholders.


  • Quality

    Provide produce that is grown and packaged according to strict food safety requirements.

  • Innovation

    Research new varieties of potato and other vegetables and keep up-to-date on new technology in our field of expertise.

  • Respect

    Achieve success through sustainable practices and concern for the well-being of the community as a whole.

  • Family values

    Foster open and honest relationships with our employees, clients and partners based on open communication.


  • Our plant is over 1,400 square meters and fully automated
  • Automated sorting with a Newtec Celox RV12 Optical Grader
  • Automatic paper placers, plastic wrapper, carousel, Master Baler packaging machine
  • Automatic palletizer